Ileana Sutter

Ileana began her professional career in 1984 as a chemical engineer in Romania. After 10 years, she decided to follow a desire that was becoming more and more urgent in her life - to serve people in maintaining and regaining their health and well being. Training first as a massage therapist and esthetician in Austria, Ileana had a successful private practice in Vienna beginning in 1996. She initially chose Shiatsu because of her deep interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and trained for more than three years during which she gained new perspectives on life and healing. Ileana continued to add to her knowledge by learning and practicing several different massage modalities and skin care regimens. She moved to the United States in August, 2003 and began studying Ayurvedic medicine in 2004, at first participating in various seminars and workshops held in the US and Canada.

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The Healing Temple has MOVED to Colorado!

First and foremost — thank you to all of the wonderful people who allowed me to practice the profession I love, and thank you for supporting me and helping me to stay in this business for the past 14 years I have lived and worked in Frederick, Md.

Open House and Client Appreciation Day!

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The Healing Temple will have Open House and Clients Appreciation Day on December 5th from 4 to 9pm!

Education Class in Aromatherapy Series - Free of Cost!

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On Thursday 12/3 and 12/10, we will talk about brief history of Aromatherapy, main ways to use the essential oils, how to mix essential oils and how to work with carrier oils for the purpose of topical applications (massage, facial oils).

Join us for the "Ayurvedic Beauty Care Series" - How to make your own beauty care products!

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Come and enjoy a night of relaxation and learn how to make your own beauty care products! You will be able to make your own and learn the recipe!

Welcome Lindsey Pratt to The Healing Temple!

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Welcome Lindsey Pratt to The Healing Temple!Lindsey Pratt joins The Healing Temple as a Registered Massage Therapist. We are now happy to be able to provide new services, including couples massages!